* Album by Sony is scheduled to be deprecated.

"Album by Sony" Basic Operations

Welcome to "Album by Sony"!

You can enjoy with your photos and videos by making use of the "Album by Sony" functions shown as follows.

You can display memorable photos and videos. Swipe your finger toward the left side of the screen to display the menu.



You can display all photos or videos by year, month or date.

My Collections:

You can view your collections.


- With "PlayMemories Home" or the web service "PlayMemories Online", you can make your collections.

Friends' Collections:

You can view the collections shared by your friends and families.


You can display photos and videos on a map.


You can view photos and videos marked as favorites.
Your favorite photos and videos uploaded to "PlayMemories Online" can be also viewed from other devices.

Home Network:

By connecting your PC to the home network, you can share content such as photos and videos with the devices on the same home network.


- To connect your devices to the home network, setting on each device is required.

- Some functions may not be available depending on your country/region.